Monthly Archives: December 2017

Forgiveness. How much is too much?

Forgiveness is overrated. Let me rephrase that, excessive forgiveness isĀ overrated. I was never much of a turn the other cheek type person. My parents have been telling me to turn the other cheek since the 80’s. They had a drug addicted, recklessĀ child and didn’t know how to handle it. They did the best that they could but in the end, they too had to resort to tough love… but it was still love… it was always love. I don’t have the burden of loving my sister after 35 years of watching her destroy herself and everything in her path. I’ve tried to feel it over the years… tried to get that connection back but when I see her living the same seedy life, I feel nothing. It’s been easy to stay away. I never thought she’d make it to her 40’s and now 50’s. She has virtually no-one left in the world yet she continues to blame everyone but herself.

To be continued.