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Voting Advice for Young Americans

WOMEN AND MINORITIES … I care 0% about what anyone claims to stand for anymore… I just want all the old white men OUT of power, out of government, out of judgeships, out of breath!

There’s no need to research candidates, discuss with friends, use a mobile shout out or anything else. Google them… if they’re female and/or non-white, fill in the fucking oval on your ballot.

White men have destroyed this #CUNTry and this earth. There is no choice that you can make that could be worse than voting for another white man.

This obviously excludes Biden who should be the last white man that y’all ever vote for. Let’s face it, his VP will likely run the show sooner than later. His VP will probably be a woman, may be a black woman… so vote Biden in the general election and then never, ever vote for a white man ever again.

Finally, once the general election is over and Biden is POTUS, fill out a new voter registration form and choose “No Party Affiliation”. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. Fuck this electoral college and two party system. What a god-damned scam.