Daily Archives: March 24, 2019

Snake Oil Anyone?

  • Last night I found a truck online that I wanted my husband to buy… he’s needed a new truck for a decade… Frankenstein was definitely on his last legs. He didn’t think the truck that I found would be at the dealership.. thought it was a bait truck, but he really wanted it. He went out there expecting to be disappointed. He got to the dealership, test drove the truck, signed the papers and drove it home… home where I was looking for a car for Brian Jr… found one posted for only 40 minutes.. GEM! Messaged the seller, called her on the phone and arranged to see the car in an hour. When Bri got home, he grabbed Jr. and BACK OUT EAST to see the Honda… Brian Jr. bought the car. While they were on the way back from LI, I had already sold Bri’s old truck that he swore no-one would buy. I had people lined up in my messages to come see Frankenstein…. 1st guy to show had cash in hand and drove it away. Tomorrow I’ll sell Jr.’s old Honda (if he lets me). Oh… and I worked from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and picked up Christopher in between. ON FIRE TODAY!
  • Never underestimate mania.
  • #mkrants