There’s Nothing Funny About Covid-19

Fuck this title. I’m having a “I need humor day”. Since I’m the one that needs humor, it’s okay. If tomorrow comes and I’m in a no jokes allowed mood, then jokes won’t be okay.

I was curious about some things as they pertain to the Coronavirus so I went to Google. As I typed my first question, one of the auto-complete choices that popped up was:

Is it okay to share Chapstik…

So of course I tapped it to expand. I knew the answer but I wanted to indulge my curiosity about natural selection and such. So the complete question was….

Is it okay to share Chapstik with strangers on the subway in NYC during the Coronavirus Pandemic if you’ve already made out with them after sharing Disco Fries at a restaurant that was supposed to be take-out only?

You can’t make this stuff up, but I just did, because that’s where my imagination goes when I’m manic.

#socialdistancing : It’s not about you asshole.

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